Security Services Middlesex

We offer professional security services in Middlesex and beyond for both the private and public sectors, specialising in many different areas of security to cover all our clients’ requirements. Security is of paramount importance in any business and with our security guarding, keyholding, store detective services and mobile security patrols, your premises will be completely covered through every hour of the day. We are able to work in any kind of business setting from construction sites to shops, guarding against all the potential threats facing businesses and ensuring you do not lose profits due to theft or damage.

Large events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events, trade shows and corporate occasions require careful management and handling to avoid potential conflicts and make sure the environment is safe for all in attendance. Our teams of security stewards have extensive knowledge of health and safety procedures and will ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible.

We can even offer security services to protect our home from damage, intruders or theft while you are away on holiday or on a business trip. With our house sitting service, you can have confidence that a trustworthy, fully vetted member of staff will be keeping a close eye on everything and you will return to find everything exactly as you left it.

These are just a few of the services we can provide for you. Whatever type of security we are implementing, we approach each task with comprehensive planning and attention to detail. The most suitable personnel are carefully selected for each job, and we always take the time to create a plan which allows us to provide the most suitable solutions for each situation. We take the clients’ wishes into account and take on board any specific requests they may have, as we want to ensure that you are always completely satisfied with our security services.

We are an SIA Approved Contractor, which means we have proved we offer the highest standards in security and are dedicated to surpassing our clients’ expectations in everything we do. With many years of experience, fully trained and vetted staff who are mostly former British Gurkha and Police Service personnel, and a commitment to honesty and integrity, we are your first choice for all types of security services in Middlesex and throughout the surrounding regions. Let us protect your premises and your employees from potential dangers with our comprehensive, professional security.